About Us… But Is It Really?

About Us… But Is It Really?

I mean REALLY?

In the early days, there seemed to be an unwritten rule among web developers. Nestled to the right of the “Home” button is an all-important, magical button that companies are sure that - with enough details crammed into it - it would single-handedly close deals. The infamous “About Us” button. 

As if by letting our prospect know that 30 years ago we started in a van down by the river, in true Matt Foley fashion, they would be moved to write songs about our brand, and send us all of their business.

WARNING: What I’m about to share with you may blow your web-concept mind. Here comes the one-two...

First, if your homepage has the right marketing strategy you may not need an “About Us” button at all.

Everything your customer cares about is in your homepage content.

And now, part 2 of the 1-2. If you insist on having an About Us, for the love of all that is sacred, make it about US.

Not about you. Not about your company. But, about us. And more importantly, let’s start with me. (Your customer)

About Us isn't About You

Imagine you’re at a networking event. You and three others standing in a circle. Enjoying the event. 

Then your company “About Us” enters the circle. He starts talking, “I this” and “I that”. He’s all “me, me, me.” Each word out of his mouth is about what he can do, his experience. He never stops long enough for anyone to gracefully eject themselves from the conversation. He shows no interest in anyone else. 

Do you like this guy? Neither does anyone else. Is this the guy you want to do business with? 

The About Us page is an opportunity to showcase how your brand connects with your customer. A chance to show how you can solve their problem and relieve their pain. 

Don’t blow this opportunity.  

The way marketing professionals would put it, “Don’t ‘we’ all over your customers.”

About Us Is All About US

Your potential customer has made it past the homepage. You get to escort them a little deeper into your marketing strategy. 

They came to your site to solve a problem. The marketing on your index page has made them curious to find out more. So, what are they looking for?

Each page should have its unique marketing tactics that fulfill its part in the overarching marketing strategy. These pages should be built to align with the business goals. Reminiscing over ancient history doesn't create customers.

Now that they’re here, on page 2 (if you will) ask yourself:

  • What are they looking for?
  • What do they need more of to help them reach a decision?
  • How can you help them further?
  • Are they looking for Trust? Confidence?

Look to answer these questions here.

Make the story of “About Us” deeper. Tell the story of the problems you solve. Talk about the frustration that your company or product alleviates.

This page should build on the trust established on page one. 

This is where empathy plays a huge part in your marketing. Put yourself in your customer's shoes. If you were her, what would you be looking for on this page? Then answer that question.

Do you see “us” yet? There’s me (the customer) with my pain. And you (the company) with the problem that you solve. You + Me = Us.

Now your page is truly about us. And has the power to keep the customer’s attention.

It all comes down to marketing strategy. Do you want a pretty website? Or do you want a site that converts?

We're all a bit egocentric. In 1936 Dale Carnegie told us how much people love hearing their own name. We enjoy talking about ourselves. We love being around people who show a genuine interest in us. Your customer does too!

Your bonus "WOW":

Contrary to what your momma told you. No one cares about your company. No one wants to buy your widget. People want results that your widget may provide. People want their frustration gone. They want to feel fantastic. They only purchase our products or services to get to what they want.

The right marketing strategy utilizing website tactics, will convince customers you're the one who can help them achieve their desires.

I'm glad we had this time to talk about us


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